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Getting ready to use Stud Holes.


When you start using studs in horseshoes, it’s a good idea to plug them with either some cotton wool and hoof oil (which is the traditional method), or as Emma Packford-Garrett suggested the cotton wool tubes that dentists use (you can get them from Amazon) and cut to length as required.  Also, Alison Payne suggested using some WD40 as this also helps the thread in the stud hole where the studs screw in.

Doing this each time the shoes are replaced and also the night before a competition stops you getting and small pieces of grit in the hole or some stones.  It also stops a backache or pain from having to spend lost of time bent double trying to hold on to your horse’s hoof, whilst at a competition or event.

As we all know horse and ponies are more excited at competitions and trying to do anything to your horse’s feet can be more difficult.  So, spend some time at home using either a horseshoe nail or an awl make sure you clean out the stud hole and re-tap the thread if necessary and make sure the studs will go in.  This saves you time at the competition and allows you the chance to complete the task quicker so that your horse is more comfortable.

Also when putting the studs in an adjustable spanner is a great asset, as it helps you get the studs in firmly, with the different shapes.  Then remember to plug the holes when you remove the studs for the journey home and this will make life easier for you.

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Have fun!

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