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Clipping with battery Clippers.

What’s great with this modern age is that many clipper manufactures now have battery clippers. These are great to use and the more modern ones are quieter and help horses that do not like being clipped or having the electric cable around on the floor looking like a snake.

Above is a picture of a showman battery pack, you can get these with a set of clippers and blades from different suppliers like Amazon, and search for Horse Clippers.

The latest clippers are a little more modern, but as you can see from these pictures they last a while.  I have had these lister clippers for over 5 years and with regular servicing and care can last.


Lister Showman battery Clippers.


As you can see the cable connects to the battery and you can attach the battery around your waist.  There is also a loop that you can put around your wrist whilst clipping and this will make sure you do not drop the clippers and brake either the clipper or the clipping blades.

If the clipping blades brake, this will lead to lines in the clipping and will give you an uneven clip.


A2 medium clipping blades.


It is usual to use A2 Clipping Blades. You can get these from most saddlers locally to you, but you can also buy them online from Amazon.  As you can see there are two blades and the blades come in pairs.

When you start clipping you need to consider all the points in our previous blog post Preparation for clipping. where we look at the area you are going to use and what you might want to wear etc.

Fitting Clipping Blades.

When you are ready to clip you need to have a look at the blades and make sure they are the correct tension. Below we have some pictures of how to fit the blades.  FIrst, you need to make sure that the blades and clippers have been kept clean and that the blades are sharp enough to use.

Clippers with both blades off

Above you can see the Clippers and both blades ready to fit.  The smaller of the blades on first.  Then when they are in place then you put the larger blade on as you can see below.

Clippers with the first blade on.


Clippers with both the blades on and waiting for the screw to be put in place.


Once you have put both the blades on then you can put the screw through from the flat surface of the blades.

Clippers with both blades on and the screw in place

Once the screw is in place then put the spring in place.

Clippers with both blades on and the spring on the screw

Once this is in place you can put the nut on the top of the screw.

Clippers with both blades on and the nut in place

When you have put the blades in place you need to add some clipper oil, This you can squirt into the whole under the nut and spring and add between the blades.

Once the blades are on you can turn the clippers on and adjust the tension.  This you can do by tightening the nut until the sounds changes from the blades running and then turn the nut half a turn back on its self.  This usually gives you the correct tension to clip.

Whilst clipping make sure that the blades do not get hot and give the Clippers a break when you can feel some heat.  If you can feel the heat so can your horse, and this can put them off clipping.

Make sure you clean the clippers and blades as you clip and that you add oil regularly so that the give the horse or pony a good experience.  We will be looking at clipping in the next blog and if you would like to keep ahead of our blog please feel free to leave your email on our website or like our Facebook page Sam Goss Coaching.


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