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Different Types of Clip

There are several types of clip that you can use when clipping you horse or pony.  Depending on what type of work your horse will do throughout the winter and whether the horse or pony will be turned out or not.

Different Types of Clip.

Full Clip.

This is when all of the hair is taken off the horse.  Some full clips keep the hair on the legs of the horse. They also have a small area on the horses back about the size of the panels on the saddle.  This clip has become more popular with dressage horses, show horses and ponies and some show jumpers.  I do find that it can cause some problems with the hair being taken off the horses legs, as this can cause some skin problems like mud fever.

Hunter clip.

This is when the hair is left on the legs of the horse and a saddle patch is left on the horse.  Some times you can leave a line down the checks of the horse if you have a horse that doesn’t like their ears being clipper or if they are turned out to grass a lot throughout the winter.

Blanket Clip.

Blanket Clip with the legs left on and a bridle line.

This is when your leave an area of hair over the back of the horse.  You can take the hair off the horse’s neck and under the belly, but leave a line in line with the bottom of the saddle cloth, up to the withers and an arch around the area above the horses stifle where the hair goes in different directions.

Chaser Clip.

This is where the hair is taken off the horse from a diagonal line from the crest to the stifle.  This clip has been used by racing yards a lot, hence the name Chaser Clip.  This clip has become more popular with horses that live out over the winter as you keep the hair on over the back.  Also the hair is left on the legs of the horse.

Trace Clip.

This clip is when a line is left in the area where the traces would have been on a trap.  So the hair would be left on the legs and then clipped off the belly, lower neck and a line left in line with the bottom of the saddle flap and up the next to the check.  Some people also go down the line of the check pieces on the bridle.

This clip is a good one for ponies that live out and do a lot of winter pony club rallies and competitions.

Neck and belly clip.

This is when you just clip the hair off the lower area of the neck and the belly.  Horses with lots of hair and do light work throughout the winter, find this a great clip to stop them getting too hot after work.

Key hole Clip.

This is when you just clip the hair off the lower part of the neck and around the front of the chest of the horse.  Again, this is a good clip for ponies that do not have to do a lot of work in the winter, it allows them not to sweat up too much when they do some work, but allow them to stay warm in winter.

It has become popular to clip stars, hearts and different things on ponies and horses, just make sure you have someone that is good at clipping and can do these shapes, so that it looks neat and tidy.

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