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Everyone tucking into hay.

Well, yet another weekend snowbound.  I was able to get out and about yesterday but I know that friends were trying to keep going throughout the snow.   It seems that even though it is March the weather has decided to stop several competitions and this has a knock on effect to all involved.


Keen riders having to finish as cross country training was brought to a stop by the snow.

The picture above is from Tweseldown where Warren Lamperd was training with some very keen riders and the weather stopped play! Everyone got home ok and all were safe, but it shows how much people are ready to get going and the snow is stopping us.

These conditions are halting the everyday rider, competitions, training and all things equestrian at the moment.  The problem is getting transport out safely and keeping horses and people safe.

Most might have a school they can get to on their yard, but again it depends if it hasn’t frozen and if you have been able to clear a path to the school or walker.  Most can turn horses out, greasing their feet and heals.  It is heavy duty lard, but it does stop the snow balling up in the horse’s feet.

Here are some pointers to help with the weather:

  1. If you can clear all areas that will ice up and grit so that people and cars can get in and out of the yard or stables.
  2. Keep all taps and hoses wrapped up and if at all possible keep the hose in a warm barn or area having had all the water drained out of it.
  3. If you have a stopcock drain the water back to that and hopefully it will make it easier to get water through when you need it.
  4. Horses usually love the snow as long as they are dry and warm.  If you can have spare rugs so you can keep a check on their warmth changing them when necessary and they will be ok in this weather.
  5. Have a small ball (tennis ball) in your water troughs so that it can help you break the ice and make it easier to keep water available.
  6. If you are having to travel take flasks of hot water and supplies with you in case get stuck and need a warm drink.
  7. Keep an area clear that you can use to work undercover if you are going to be down your yard field for long.
  8. Make sure someone know’s that you have gone to do the horses and take a mobile with you so that you can contact someone if you have a problem.

Take care everyone and I hope that you all survive our latest snow day.  If you have enjoyed this blog post please feel free to look at the others and our Facebook page Sam Goss Coaching.  Here you will be able to see what we are up to and feel free to sign up and leave your email and we can keep you in touch with what we are doing.


Thank you.




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