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Be seen be safe.

Exercise rug and tail light.

It’s the time of year where we are out and about in different weather conditions.  Even in nice weather with the sun out you need to be seen.  Only last week yet again a horse and rider locally where hit which was witnessed and thankfully followed up on with the police and the British Horse Society.

There are lots of different florescent and reflective items in the shops and on line.  You can get florescent exercise rugs, some of which are thin for warmer days and you can also get thicker exercise rugs for the colder days.

In the picture above we have used a runners armband.  These are produced for cyclists and runners, but with the Velcro are very easy to attach to a horses tail.

Also, a florescent and reflective tabard are brilliant for riders.  Even if you are just popping out after a schooling session, you are not seen on the road.  Just the other week I was driving on a country road and under some trees a mother and son on their ponies could not been seen as they had on florescent or reflective clothing on and it was the middle of the day.

Here is a video we produced to show the differences in a school with florescent and reflective clothing on so you can see the difference.


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