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IMG_20181202_214916_621.jpgIt’s that time of year where the weather changes at the drop of a hat and you are not sure what if any rugs you need to put on your horse or pony!

It is also the time of year where you need to keep an eye on your horse’s skin as they will be changing their coat and the grease will be more obvious.  If you find your horse is starting to sweat up a lot and you are having to wait it may be time to consider clipping them.  The later in September the better it is as you do not have to clip so much.

There are various different types of clip you can use. This depends on what type of work you are considering and how much you will be able to work your horses or ponies during the winter months.

You also need to start to think about the different types of rugs you may like to use and when you can use them.  Most horses might be out during the day and in a stable at night.  Also, we have horses that are out 24/7 and need rugs to help with the colder evenings and nights.

When deciding what you are thinking of doing, remember that your horse or pony is used to living outside nnd their sking is thicker than ours. Therefore, they are most of the time used to the weather and what is happening in their environment.  Horses or ponies that are finding it colder, their coat will stand up on end and you will be able to tell if they are colder.  Some horses may shiver, others lose weight.

Keeping an eye on their weight by using either a weight tape or weighbridge or just looking and being aware of their size.  You may find their girth goes up a whole or you may see their shape changes.  If your horse has been living off grass there is sometimes necessary to add some hay or a small feed.

Each horse is an individual and it is a good idea to consider the Rules of Feeding this will help you work out what you may need to feed your horse.


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