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The Amazing Aviar Saddle.

Aviar ‘The Rook’

Well AMAZING is what I have to say about today. I have been incredibility lucky and thank’s to Julie Masters I have had the chance to sit in the new Aviar saddle ‘The Rook’. I have in my 35 plus career ridden in many saddles and I tend to like the Albion Saddles, but today I have sat in not only a saddle that allows you to stay in balance but allows your horse to work through their back and lets their shoulders have their optimum movement

This saddle allows you to sit comfortably and maintain balance whilst feeling what is happening to your horse. It also allows you to make the adjustments you need to make to allow your horse to work over the back and move though the shoulder. The design is mono flap which means you are closer to the horse and are able to make the slight adjustments needed to allow your horse to work forward and straight.

My horse was able to move and her shoulders where free to be able to express themselves within the balance and development they are working at. To be able to feel what your horse is doing and be able to use your aids with the chance to develop your horse to their optimum ability allows you to make the most of your training sessions.

I was smiling throughout the whole experience and felt that I could just use the slightest of movements to allow her to move. When you have spent as much time as I have riding different horses from all levels grass routes to Grand Pix, and helping many riders of all levels along the way, it is a great pleasure to be able to make the small adjustments that are needed to allow a horse at whatever level they are at make the most of their training session.

I feel this saddle is a must in anyone’s tack room, and would be an added bonus to a rider at any level wanting to improve not only their riding but the ability of their horse. You are able to move and stay in balance which allows you to ask the questions of your horse that you need to do.

They have taken on board what a rider would need and, also what allows a horse to perform at its optimum ability.

The Rook is one of the lightest saddles in its class, it weighs in at 5.8 KG (12.8LBS

‘The Rook’ is Aviar’s first release and it is the first saddle to have anatomically designed tree and the pressure relief system (PRS), the Click system which is interchangeable panels).

It has immaculately sculpted leather and subtle details. They have completely redesigned the saddles’s skeleton by rethinking the shape and materials used to produce it. The new saddle trees are extremely lightweight and anatomically designed. The materials used to make the new trees have enhanced the feedback that you get when you ride in the saddle. This allows you to get the ultimate connection between you and your horses.

Due to its sculptural form, it also provides a much lighter level of comfort for the horse in comparison to traditional saddle trees. The trees are made from a special composite blend and although this results in a hyper-flex, the saddle still remains extremely stable when you ride in it.

Aviar saddles are the first company to develop this technology and as I have said above this shows when you are riding and getting the optimum feel from your horse.

You can find out more about ‘The Rook’ from the Facebook page Aviar Saddles UK or Also by phoning: 07874 143073

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Aviar Saddle.

  1. thanks so much for taking the time to try the saddle and give your feedback. it has been a long and arduous process bringing the idea for this saddle to market. we still have a long road and many things to tighten up and refine but we’re feeling good about what we have created to this point.

    1. Hi Cary, it was a pleasure. It really cheered me up. You have a saddle that is not only comfortable, stylish and keeps you in a balanced position, also allows your horse to move classically.

      Over the years I have been lucky to training with Carl Hester, Arthur Kottas and several other dressage trainers and I have ridden in lots of different saddles both dressage and jumping.

      It was a total pleasure, my horse moved to her best ability (she is working at medium level) here in the UK.

      I think you have a great product and I am going to let everyone know. I know what the horse world can be like to break into with new products and this was just great saddle.

      I was off most of last year, I had a septic gallbladder and sepsis.

      I am hopeful to get out after lock down and get competing again.

      I am spending lock down doing as much as possible building on line, but will be contacting my contacts around the UK and I also want to tell Miguel about it in Portugal.

      All the best


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