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Essentials for your veterinary kit.

It is always a good idea to have a veterinary kit available wherever you keep your horse or pony Even if your horse is on grass livery having some essential items available, just in case, is a good idea. In this post I will go through some items that are handy to have to hand.

Items for inclusion in a veterinary kit

It is a great idea to have a safe cupboard or air tight box with the items in. This was they will stay in good condition and be clean for you to use. It is also a good idea to keep any prescription only medicines in a locked cupboard. This is a necessity in a professional yard, riding school or business.

Here is a list of useful items to have around :

  1. Blunt-ended scissors
  2. Thermometer
  3. At least one roll of clean cotton wood
  4. A commercial antiseptic solution for cleaning wounds.
  5. Non-adherent dressing like melolin
  6. Disposable nappy to use as an absorbent pad for wounds and poultices
  7. Gamgee
  8. Clean, noon-stick bandages
  9. Sticky bandages
  10. A role of adhesive tape
  11. animalintex poultice
  12. Epson salts
  13. a clean bucket.
  14. a small oven tray.
  15. IntraSite gel


An example of a pair of blunt-ended scissors. It is a good idea to keep these in a safe clean area. We have just put a pair on the background to show you an example.

These need to be kept sharp ready to cut gamgee, animalintex etc to size ready along with other wound materials.

Cotton wool.

Cotton Wool. Always good to keep a supply of cotton wool in case of any small cuts. I tend to keep at least 2 packets available.

Camrosa ointment.

Camrosa Ointment. This is a great addition and a balm that aids healing. It is very good with any wounds and scratches that are found on horses and pony’s legs. Especially if you are dealing with mud-fever etc.

Non-adhesive dressing.

Actilite or menoline is a great addition to any veterinary cabinet. These are great to have around in case you have to cover a wound or cut and do not want the cotton wool or gamgee to stick to the wound.

This also allows you to stop any treatment sticking to the gamgee as well.


Thermometer’s are great to have around. It is a good idea to take your horse’s temperature in the different seasons, so you can have a good idea what is their normal temperature should you need to tell your vet.

When taking your horse’s temperature make sure you have someone at their head, and you have Vaseline on the end of the thermometer. You lift your horse’s tail and in cert the thermometer into their rectum, but make sure you keep hold of the thermometer as they can get sucked into their rectum which can cause issues.

IntraSite Gel

Intrasite gel is a handy addition in your veterinary kit. It is used for cuts to keep them clean and encourage healing.


Animalintex is a handy poultice that you can use dry, wet (both warm and cold water). Most will be used warm and will be applied to wounds that need to draw out any infection from the wound. It is usually a puncture wound that will use a poultice as most will have a small opening and then a larger area underneath it.


FrogMedic is a great addition to your veterinary kit. An application that helps with the care of your horse’s hooves.

Vet wrap.

Adhesive bandages are an essential addition to your veterinary kit. They are used in foot poultice application and to keep wounds covered along with gamgee.

Hoof tar.

Hoof tar is another very handy addition when you need to maintain your horse’s hoof health. Great to have ready for the winter season.

Gamgee is another essential which you can put under either you adhesive or normal bandages. It is handy to have around ready and can be cut in the size you require.

Insulation Tape.

Insulation tape. This is an essential especially when the seasons are changing and in winter. Great for covering hoof poultices and keeping animalintex and gamgee in place.

Everyone will have their own additions that they like to have in their vet kit, but it is good to have some of the above items ready in case you need them. If you have enjoyed reading this post please feel free to have a look at the other posts on this blog and you can follow us at our FaceBook page Hot off the Hoof, or at Sam Goss coaching.

Thank you.

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