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Lolly’s Accident

Just when you are trying to keep everything going, life throws a spaner in the works.

I have been living with health issues for some years and still have some operations to come in the future. Then on Tuesday a friend was riding Lolly out and a freak stumble later she had hurt her knees and had to go to vet hospital.

Due to being off work with the pandemic and illness all my savings have gone and with Lolly now in her 19th Year we are not covered.

So, I have taken the leap and set up a gofundme link to help with the hospital bill.

If you are able please can you help this lovely girl. She has keep me going throughout all my illness and been my focus to keep going as I can assure you I have had some really dark times.

Our link is at the top of this article and here:

I will be keeping everyone up to date with her recovery.

Lolly’s bandages on her return home.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at our yard that came to our rescue and I will be posting about the whole incident soon.

A big thank you to everyone that has supported us so far, Aly Hyett, Anna our vet at Cheltenham Equine and Mark at Three Counties Equine and their teams.

Thank you Sam and Lolly